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 Bulk SMS Campaigning – Filtering – Rich Media Building – CRM

Jakursmu’s dynamic responsive auto campaign brings institutional level software to medium & small size businesses.

Allowing users the ability to engage large audiences or individuals immediately.

 Text Messaging

SMS text and MMS (image & video) demand attention through our cell phones, wrist phones and tablets.

Short codes  permits thousands of messages to be delivered instantly.

Landline texting offers clients the ability of calling or sending text message to business phones.

Mobile keywords capture mass mobile numbers as subscribers text “KeyWord” offers, events, contact information and questions.

Reach out to subscriber sending automated responses, reminders, multi-question engagements – Instantly!

 Dynamic Automation

Enable progressive dynamic campaign automation, delivering mass messaging to subscribers.

Progressive Campaigns enables a continuous subscriber flow through many levels of automation.

Clickthrough tracking allows your customers to call or send an SMS text message to your existing business phone number.

Filtering chooses specific subscribers, based on personalized information, to send unique individual messages.

Data Rendering is graphical analytical mapping of all subscribers flowing through progressive campaigns. Visually “At a Glance” keep the performance tracking of all dynamic campaigns.

 Multi Location Enterprise

Manage multiple location within a single enterprise account.

Access control enable permissions of multi locations including multi level management permissions.

Primary accounts allow monitoring of all locations (sub-accounts) from departmental reports to user actions.

Account management set up, permissioning, data sharing, editing, security setting, resource allocation and corporate compliance is easily manageable with Jakursmu.

 Multi-Channel Reach

Multi-Channeling offers a greater reach to subscribers. Increase responses by connecting with your audience using their preferred method of communication.

SMS & MMS send rich relevant media directly to the most powerful messaging devices, the mobile array.

Landline texting reaches out to business owners by sending SMS directly to landline desk phones.

Email remains a powerful method of communication for many audiences, both business and personal.

Email to SMS allows the sending of SMS messages from a dedicated email account to any phone, landline or mobile, through Jakursmu.

 Rich Media Content Builders

Engage your audiences by delivering rich relevant media, increasing engagement and conversion rates.

Images inspire, motivate and entice a call to action.

Video messaging is our most powerful tool in communication information in just seconds.

Tapcons deliver all digital media directly to your audiences mobile device.

Blended Branded QR-Codes are captivating Logo images that can be scanned to deliver any form of digital media.

Industry comments on SMS, MMS Messaging and Campaign Automation.

“Incorporating SMS messaging into a “Fitness Center” marketing plan, can drastically increase the response rate of both members and clients”

“On line businesses may use SMS – MMS communication with automation to connect with customers and prospects who reply at a high rate”

“Connecting with “Gamers” using SMS is the most efficient, immediate and simple method of communication with this age and generation”

Application – Jakursmu’s Constant Messaging

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