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Adding “Keywords” allows subscribers to opt-in to any campaign distribution list automatically, using only their mobile phone. To these distribution lists, product literature, questions, updates or forms are delivered in a paced fashion over time. Short small relevant “Connections” are sent to subscribers, building trust, value and desire.

Mobile keywords capture contact data of subscribers fast and easily, creating an environment of communication. Combining short codes and keyword on signs, meetings, windows and company literature stretches the possibilities of building larger audiences. Interaction with these subscribers becomes very simple using “gentle touches” with full campaign automation.

How Keywords Flow

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Bulk Blast’s

Deliver bulk email and SMS messages based on subscribers interest and campaign automation behavior. Simultaneously deliver a message blast to any subscriber’s list that is currently in a progressive campaign.

Sign-Up Alerts

Set Email and SMS administration alert notifications upon keyword submission. Assign new subscribers to progressive campaigns, engaging and gathering new data.


Scale keywords by acquiring subscriber data using forms, yes / no and multi-question messages. Keeping subscribers engaged with rich relevant content.


Progressive automation campaign assignment of new keyword subscribers enriches user experience while adding new data to subscriber’s records, adding an institutional marketing dimension to small businesses.

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